Jan 27, 2013

time after time..

..i keep forgetting to share stuff with you. this does not mean that there is nothing happening or i don't think of writing on here. it's just a time-issue. half of my family sick, baby-birthday parties to attend, harp-players to commnuicate with and an 18 month old who thinks he's at least 3. BUT: i'll be in the studio all of next week, that's quite exciting, there is a new documentary for the austrian national television in preparation (to be aired on the 6th of march). and the first rehearsal with our new backgroundsingers is today- i am quite excited. also: thank you really and a lot and very much for replying to our job-posting to those who did- the jobs are taken- the kings are crowned!
more to come soon.

and: my grandmom still tries to convince me to become a Genossin- very subtle, but thanks.