Oct 21, 2013


hellO ya'll.

i'm back. although i tend to stumble into smaller or bigger holes after concerts (can't keep that up once we will play more often and regularly..!) my little and quick trip to NYC kept me out of the after STADTSAAL hole.
sO: what a sweet sweet night. i am happy happy O. quite and yes so. we keep working on our live setup, martin took over the technical computer stuff this time so i could really concentrate on everything else (also inbetween songs) and i didn't have to fummel around with the computer. sweet. also we spontaneously involved Flo Klinger and his happy pauken again, and i have to admit that i'm getting used to it. still and again: pauken and slide-guitar sound pretty hot HOT together. sO. then we had first time ever merchandising (THANK YOU: Milica Balubdzic, Tobias Pils and Bernhard Rappold) O-Shirts and O-Totes (a few of them are still for sale, if you want one contact me). we're working on it. we're getting there. EXCITING!
so then: New York.
a sweet little hang over on an early morning airport. with breakfast:

and a beautiful sunrise ( i like sunrises. and sundowners. and sun.):

then it was all about meetings (O mettings, private meetings, meeting friends), making my way through the city (self-test: no taxis, only subway. it kind of worked) riding the bus to the MEXICAN SUMMER Label Night. saw Ariel Pink, Tamaryn (!), The Fresh&Onlys and others there. oh, and Michelle Williams. wohoo.
the next day was China National Day. since i was staying in Chinatown, it was quite exciting, although i am not Chinese and i am not very excited about Austrian National Day either.
i also had a quite spontaneous photoshoot with Tina Schula.
then i walked the (high) line for the first time. pretty neat. and crowded (it was sunday. and sunny). then it was about time to go home because: i missed my family. this is how it works when you have kids or at least one kid: you miss them pretty quickly. and this is what happened to me, too. so i couldn't wait to go home. insane. but: sweet sweet sweet hellO at the airport. so: i'm back. and quite settled for what's about to come.

sincerestly and honestly yours. T.


ps: hello hello friends # 500,501,502,503,504, and 505!!! let's add O!

Oct 9, 2013


i owe you pictures and want to share this awesome night at stadtsaal with you. as soon as there is time i will i will i will i want i do.
and i do love this.