Sep 24, 2013


sO, i thought that i want to give you something so you can have/carry/wear/like Os even more (often). sO my brain and i are wOrking on something nice and something i myself would want to have. always the best thing about gifts. more to come soon!
also: rehersal season started already. this time it's for the STADTSAAL, i hope you know that you all have to come.
also we are just about moving into the new studio- thing ting ting. this is GREAT..!!!
and: there are ups and downs and ups and downs (who shared this universal wisdom with us- was it the venga boys??) and UPS. so we are finalizing everything in preparation for the one and only final studio session coming up.

last but not least: the promo-pic from our stadtsaal gig. sweet!

Collage (c)

Sep 15, 2013

sO- this is what happened

i was on holiday. this why it was so quiet on here. but now school has started again. serious life as well. and this is how we do it. i am moving into a new studio situation very soon and am quite and very excited about this. oh yes. then we have two weeks in the studio coming up pretty soon, oh well oh well oh well. i can't wai. i really can't wait. there are a couple of concerts coming up, in of them at the STADTSAAL here in VIENNA: 7/10/2013. i am quite excited to play there, also because the wonderful and amazing and lovely Dorit Chrysler will be playing there too. so you better come. also i might have to go to new york for a couple of days pretty soon. this is also nice, since i will be spending quite a lot of time there pretty soon. but that's another story. so fr now: sO sOrry i was sO quiet on here for sO lOng. i promise i'll try to not do this again. yes.
and: happy fall. somehow i like this new weather.

and: check this out: me talking about flowers, a vase, roses and stuff.

sincerely yours. ME