Feb 19, 2013

anOther one

here's another old picture i found- maybe im getting a little melancholic after a long and grey (as i've said before) winter. i think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of my mom- somehow so 1970ies although you can only see her face..

Feb 15, 2013

beards and flutes

when i was little i played the flute for Mr. Nikolaus, while my boyfriend picked his nose. Oh!

Feb 13, 2013

O! gschnasing

it's not an easy life, sometimes. i was gschnasing yesterday. nur echt mit dem schminkzwerg. see below. and regret it if you weren't there! FUN!

Feb 3, 2013

hair stuff

my son finally has enough hair to do stuff with it. like brush it from one side to another and the other way around. this is his first side parting. very gentlemanish.