May 27, 2014


family left, friends arrived, others too, preparing for Our first weekend out of the city. can't wait to see trees. and hear nOthing.
tOday: NY. the beach! crOwded!!! still sWeet.

May 22, 2014


Ok ,so I told you I wanted to share the Story of Our Cover Shoot with Elfie Semotan. I'LL really do that very very soon, the only thing is that this takes time- which I don't have that much lately. But: as a little something I thought I might share the drawing Mr.O did for me after I told him what I wanted and how it should lOOk like. Of course everything turned out completely different. But still. I love them. and I think they are really funny.
And I was really (actually I still am!) very serious about them. very.
alsO. Elfie totally agreed on doing all this. i really lOved that, tOO.
sO: there you go.


 the long hair was really important. I ordered a wig. it never arrived.

May 21, 2014


on sunday I saw a guy. he was wearing a TShirt. It had a cheering face on it. The face said "I pooped today".

OK. maybe that's not funny.
still:cracked me up!


May 20, 2014

dId I tell yOu..

..that Our 1st ever Video is finished? It is It is It is! and it turned Out better than One could have imagined. thanks to:

sO. this is really exciting. Otherwise: a lazy day with two hOurs for myself. felt weird!!!

and nOw.
good Nighters


May 18, 2014

I knOw!

I made a promise. this was: to post on here every day. from then on (like what? 2 weeks ago?) Ok. But: in my mind, when I wrote that promise, I also wrote "for the next month" or maybe even "for the next week". Alright. It didn't show up in the pOst. and that means: I made a promise to write On here (in here, out of here) every single day for the next decade (or longer). BUT: yesterday I forgot. and I am really and terribly sOrry for that. but I have a great excuse. I guess.
So: I might forget again. I hope not. I am sorry. I am not a promisebreakeress.

And: thank you for writing me sweet messages, and coming here, and checking out my stuff and wanting to hear more. I'm SO wOrking On it. I guess "stay tuned" is the thing tO say right nOw. and be prepared!

thank you thank you.

gOOD night

May 16, 2014


to the countryside. almost forgot what trees look like.

May 15, 2014

I am A

I'm so shy.
Changed my ways
many times.
Tried to walk ahead of you.
Tried to kiss you all night through.

Tried to inhale you.
I always tried to inhale you.
There was no reason to
not to trust in you.

I'm dragging my wishes
Through deep steps in my mind.
My name is yours now.
Never to escape.

Ok. here are some lyrics. This feels weird. the very last track I wrote for Messiah. Just before the last day of recording.


May 14, 2014


sometimes it's better to say nothing. i guess.
and. people who know me also know that this is really hard for me.

but: i did aerial yoga today (hanging in/on/under ropes, try to do yoga, breathe deeply, and also trying not to make a complete idiot out of myself.)
my ooommm at the end was the loudest. and longest. and lowest. wonder where this is coming from.


life is gOOd!

May 13, 2014

dear yOu

yOu dear,

i know I got a little lazy these last days. posting mainly photos on here. not telling you much more about everything else. sO i thought i might do this soon. like tomorrow. or ..sOOn. but today: Sigmar Polke at MOMA. if you are in new york please go there. or come here to go there. it's worth it. then: Balthazar for Oysters and Champagne. (well, no Oysters for me, I don't want to recite the last time i had Oysters at grill royale in Berlin. it involved Sven Regener, Rammstein, Oysters, Taxis, throwing up. O! and me.). then: pick up Mini Me, trying to hide the champagne-mOOd. thIs is hOw we dO it.
sO: i'll be better. sOON!


May 12, 2014

sO. Ok.

we all know that I was there, and we all know (by now) what I wore. It's mostly Petar Petrov, also some Vintage. and Falke socks. But, since I just recieved this: the last. alsO because trying to look  cool worked a little better here. and because I like the New York Magazine.
and: this is a prOmise: no more streetstyle pictures for ..some time now.

Happy mOthersday you dearest mothers, mothers to be, grandmOthers and almOst like a mother(s) out there. you rule. we do!

picture via

May 11, 2014

May 10, 2014

strEEtstyle part2

pre-Opening at Frieze. trying to lOOk cool. didn't work i guess.

Photo by Kyle Ericksen via

more here.

May 9, 2014


and: friends are in town. more tOmorrow.

good Night.

May 8, 2014

O! Streetstyle!

there are days when you just dOn't feel comfortable. at all.
in general. or with something specific.

chances to be photographed by a streetstyle photographer on these days: high.
here are some examples.

Qui style street style 2014-04-23 (21)
photo: Mangue Banzima via
more here

photo: Angela Pham for Refinery 29

and here

sO seriOusly yours:


May 7, 2014


I was sO pregnant. it was sO hot.
Photo: Elfie Semotan

also in the picture: Christoph Pirnbacher <3

May 6, 2014


I almost forgOt! Almost!
But then, since I am such a reliable person (yes! Indeed! Indeed!)
I jumped Out Of bed.
To write you this:

GOOd night. Sweet everything.

May 4, 2014


to tell you a secret:
I got complimented in my nailbeds the other day (these things that hold the nail on your fingers and surround them, in case you never thaught about nailbeds before).
it went like this: "your nailbeds are so beautiful. I wish my nailbeds would look like this"

I was quite embarressed. Don't know why.

May 2, 2014

hOw tO..behave

sO. again.
Yesterday we were invited by our friend Clarine (Merci, Clarine!) to an Intimate Dinner. Sure, I thought, I love intimate dinners! So we went to Park Avenue, took the elevator to the Penthouse and ended the Appartment of the Swiss Consul General and his lovely friend Michel. I brought flowers because I am polite, handed them over to the maid (because maids are what you have when you live on Park Avenue..!). and off we went into the kitche. learn how to cook lebanese. and: we did!!! Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Taboule. It was soo good!
Oh, and Mini Me was there, too. He arrived late, had no gift for the hosts, wanted to have dessert first and didn't feel like sitting at the table. Instead he watched cartoons in the kitchen with the charming chef and two maids who took care of him and fell in love with him. He ate everything they offerd him, even eggplant wich I know he doesn't like at all. So in his way he was very polite, too.
And after he had a lot (a lot!) of ice-cream, blew out all the candels, jumped on the sofa and knocked over a chandlier we thought it was time so say good bye.

Oh, and don't worry. This is not going to be a "my family and me" blog from now on. Just every once in a while. 

May 1, 2014


how to cook lebanese. at the swiss embassy. yep. i'll tell you about it tomorrow.

and: 7 degrees and rain all day. hey spring!