Feb 16, 2018

my Album MESSIAH is OUT TODAY!!! and..

.. I'm so proud.

As some of you might know, others not, this was a long journey. Sometimes in the midst I thought without an ending. And this is just the beginning.

Messiah is out today on comfortzone. It's a Double LP, Coverart by Elfie Semotan. It's just beautiful, to be honest.
Produced by Patrick Pulsinger. We had 18 guest musicians in the studio. We spent days and days and nights working, recording, writing and thinking.

Can't wait for the next.

You can get MESSIAH at your favorite Record Store (in Austria for now, Rest of the world will follow on April 6th), on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Or via my BANDCAMP Page.

Also, and again: please join us for the Record Release Concert at the RKH Vienna. It's going to be crowded on stage. But that's how I like it:

Facebook Event




Jan 18, 2018

Save this..

My oh My.

not saying much, right now, just this:

Mini Me number 2 has arrived.
We are deeply and madly in love. Very thankful. And very excited.

"MESSIAH" will be out on comfortzone, 16/02/18 in Austria // 06/04/2018 WorldWide

under my name: TERESA ROTSCHOPF.  So no more O or this is O. OMG. Although I loved it. But this is me. So it makes sense to name it after me, too.

 "Messiah" is ALBUM OF THE MONTH in the current Issue of Maxima Magazine.

Release Concert with extended Setup (2 Keyboarders! Timpani! Choir! Saxophone!)

 20/02/18 Radiokulturhaus/Vienna. Tickets available here (be quick!).

Video directd by Mirjam Unger out very soonish. To ease the waiting here is a little Teaser.

This is so awesome.

as always:



and: more often you will find me here. although..oh well.

Jun 21, 2017


sO, yOus,

it tOOk us quite some time. I don't want to count but I know it's been  a while. the Album was finished- and then again nOt, some tracks had to go, others were added, re-recorded, vOcals redone and mixes re-mixed. bUt nOw I almost can't believe it, and almOst don't dare to say it out loud: IT'S FINISHED! thank you thank you. I KNOW. and you should know: I'm pretty proud of what we've created. really really so.

SO: right now we're in the process of MASTERING, finalizing the ARTWORK. shOOting VIDEOS. and all this other funny stuff you do when you prepare a RELEASE. it's a lOt but it's also a lOt Of FUN.

AND: to make the wait a little easier, since it's still going to take a few more months until FEBRUARY and until you can FINALLY grab your own copy of my music (on VINYL!) here is a short Live Video we did- with footage from our very first concert at the Arge Nonntal, some stuff from the Radio Kulturhaus here in Vienna. The POPFEST and some other cool stuff are missing, but you can't have it all I guess and you will get SO MUCH MORE in the near and far future. sO: take this for NOW (directed by Sebastian Mayr):

also: sOme pics from our latest VIDEO SHOOT with the amazing Mirjam Unger (Director),  Esther Vörösmarty (Art Direction) and Sebastian Arlamovsky (Cinematography) and many more. SOON. sOOn.

IF YOU WANT you can alsO visit me on INSTAGRAM now.
 @_o_teresa. 'cause I'm sO professional.

thanks and gOOd bye.




Maya Unger
Esther Vörösmarty

Nov 7, 2016

Hall-O-Wien. RIGHT.

so I tried Halloween for the first time. since my dear friend Claudia did her legendary Dia de los Muertos Party. and since I dO nOt like to dress weirdly, as you might knOw, I just dressed as mYself.

then: saw the Gucci Ghost and had a terrible headache the next day. met lovely peOple, again and again, sO many on my way right nOw!
made difficult decisions at the Viennale Filmpreis Jury.

and finally: Pulsinger&Irl Album Release Party. already a legendary night.
Mud out NOW on BigBeak Recordings! gO n´ get it!

<3 YOU


Oct 16, 2016


o. it's been  a while. as usual- not saying I am not thinking about posting, just saying that I am not making the time. for several reasons, mostly because I don't have any. which is great, I guess!
sO, this is what happened:
Berlin, exhibition opening of my very talented husband to be. very exciting and exciting and great. show.
then Zürich and Basel, some more art and excitement and interesting projects and people. bad weather, but that's ok. overwhelmed by the swiss corectness. I am too whatever for that. Sometimes I just feel crazy enough not to cross the street on a crosswalk. Yep!
O. And then Greece. Met interesting people and great new friends.

Then a little Vienna, a little Bauernhof with friends and chicken. A 5th birthday. Köln for a beautiful exhibition by Elfie Semotan.

And for the last 3 weeks we've been traveling through Texas. YeP. Texas. and you know what? It's really beautiful. And I didn't meet many people wearing a NRA baseball-cap (although I have to admit: I saw some).  Dallas, Bandera (the Cowboy Capital of Texas- Mini Me really wanted to go there. REALLY. wanted. to.). And then Marfa, where we stayed at the Chinati foundation and Tobias is still there. For the next 6 weeks. Missing and working.
Were lucky enough to be at the 3oth anniversary weekend of the Chinati Foundation, had great conversations, ate delicious Tacos and even saw a show by Arto Lindsay. Can't complain!

Ok, and nOw: watching about 100 Movies for my honourable Jury Membership at the Viennale. And: very excited to go BACK TO THE STUDIO to record some new material. very excited for that.
Attend weddings (so exciting, too!!!). And for right now: take care of sick Mini Me.
That's it for now.

fAll is here. wInter will cOme.
take care for nOw.


May 24, 2016


dear youth,

finally, and very finally I am ready to release my Album. It's taken a while, but like I said before- it's like giving birth. Or at least almost, I guess.

However, we're looking for someone awesome to take over Management and/or Booking responsibilities.

If you're interested read this:

I am currently preparing the Release of my solo Debut "Messiah" and therefore looking for someone taking over Management and/or Booking responsibilities. You don't have to necessarily have extensive experience in MGMT, I am happy to work with lateral entrants and of course someone who also represents other artists as well.
What you will definitely need though is some kind of experience in the Music Industry and an extensive Network.
I am currently based in Vienna but traveling a lot, so I think it would also work out with someone not based in Austria.

If you're interested or know someone who might be, please get in touch and I will send you more information:


a lot of travelling is comin up- and one stop will be berlin to join the opening of my man's exhibition at capitain/petzel. if you happen to be in the city, stop by and have a drink with me!