Dec 9, 2013

ON: hOw. to make the right decisions.

i've been thinking about this a lot, lately. i don't know why it's bothering me so much right now, but i guess it's just a time in my life where so much is in progress, changeing, transforming that it is just something i need to think of. right now.
this would be: the topic of the month. or even year. or even our lives?
how to make the right decisions.
well then:
somehow i am a complete laissez-faire, everything will turn out fine, what's meant to be will be, don't force it, it will come to you person. mostly. and then again: i'm not. my drive, my expectations on myself, my life-plan (i never knew i had one until now. sounds like i'm working for an insurance company..!) doesn't allow me to leave everything up to..whom anyways?
sometimes i also think that i have to make the right decision right now, i have to work hard (now, all the time, every time, always), otherwise nothing will happen (i don't know exactly what's supposed to happen. but still). also i am scared of getting stuck or being stuck (and maybe not even recognizing this). does that make sense?
when i look at my parents (my mom especially) i know where all this is coming from. but that doesn't help me right now.
well, right now it's all about going to the studio, finishing our album. so: is this it? are the lyrics ok? is there anything else i would like to sing/write/do? these are things i have to decide right now. not an easy one for me.
are the tracks finished? do we need any more instruments?
somehow- even when i read this right now it scares me. everything seems so final. now or never.
well then, on the other hand i was seeing that i am loosing my lightness and fun because of the pressure i put in myself (i can work very well with pressure put on me from outside. but not with pressure i put on myself..). so: this is hopefully not the last album i'll ever make. so if there are mistakes  i can do it better next time. and: it's not about making the perfect album anyhow. and: it still is fun. and: pressure doesn't make it any better. and: i've been working on this for the last 3 years or so. so i can finish it and move on and let it go. haha. not so easy but i'll try.

so. and after reading this to myself again: man, i'm just scared about finally finishing the album. that's ok. it just means a lot (a LOT!) to me.

then: it's all about moving. we're moving to new york in february. hooray. not forever. maybe yes. but this is also not a decision i can make right now nor can i make it myself (yes, there's a family involved..;-)). also scary, but way more exciting.

and then: i am a real Rotschopf now. thought blonde was a bit boring after so many years. why not go red(ish). it was really Chris Lohner (in case you know her) right after the friseur.
my boyfriend kept asking me when the train was going to leave. or what will be on TV tomorrow.
very funny.
but now it's more strwaberry/vanilla. makes me feel more comfortable. and not regretting this decision. as i did when i saw myself in the mirror for the first time after coloring my hair. that was a shock.
and then again: it's only hair. well yes.

so this is it for now.
picture 1: day one.
picture 2: now.

sincerly yours. bye bye.

ps: maybe making the wrong decision also works? maybe wrong decisions are not wrong anyways? maybe one is lucky anyways because making a decision means that you at least can D E C I D E?? S T O P.
what i found out: working helps. just do it and don't think about it too much. go, go, go!

Nov 19, 2013

sIck! sucks!

sO! what is this? i have been sick for the last two weeks, feeling better inbetween, playing concerts, feeling much better, getting sicker. i don't like that at all. i also tried alcohol as mothers little helper- usually works. didn't do it for me this time. so i guess i'll just have to stay in bed. which i can't since the opening of the exhibition from my husband to be at the Secession is on friday. and i really don't want to miss that. really.
what else? we played a really nice Zimmerkonzert in linz. took place in a private appartment, so we could say hello to every guest, take special encore wishes (we still don't have any new songs. so we play something out of the set twice. it wOrks!). here is a picture my mom took (yes, she's quite a fan- but not a good photographer, also a backstage picture of me showing my strategy to get rid of the cold: tea and wine (and aspirin) felt great that night. and not that great at all the next day:

then, this is upcoming and exciting: everybody:COME!

also i did this: looks simple. was a lot of work. (well at least quite). also since i am not really a pro.

and then: everybody around me is pregnant. makes me kind of jealous since i LOOOOVE being pregnant (at least i loved being pregnant with mini me. really really did). but in a way i am pregnant, too. and the baby is called- if i don't change my mind- messiah. yepp, that sounds funny to me too. but it's the truth. so finally and very soon we will go to the studio and give birth. it's the ALBUM the ALBUM! My ALBUM! Our ALBUM! i'm excited and nervous and so eager to finally finish it and can't wait to see and hear how it all will turn out. this will also be a lot of work. but: i looOOve tO wOrk. and it doesn't feel like work in a bad way. really does NOT.

and: yes. we are moving to new yOrk pretty sOON!

that's it for now.
sincerely yours, from the bed.

Oct 21, 2013


hellO ya'll.

i'm back. although i tend to stumble into smaller or bigger holes after concerts (can't keep that up once we will play more often and regularly..!) my little and quick trip to NYC kept me out of the after STADTSAAL hole.
sO: what a sweet sweet night. i am happy happy O. quite and yes so. we keep working on our live setup, martin took over the technical computer stuff this time so i could really concentrate on everything else (also inbetween songs) and i didn't have to fummel around with the computer. sweet. also we spontaneously involved Flo Klinger and his happy pauken again, and i have to admit that i'm getting used to it. still and again: pauken and slide-guitar sound pretty hot HOT together. sO. then we had first time ever merchandising (THANK YOU: Milica Balubdzic, Tobias Pils and Bernhard Rappold) O-Shirts and O-Totes (a few of them are still for sale, if you want one contact me). we're working on it. we're getting there. EXCITING!
so then: New York.
a sweet little hang over on an early morning airport. with breakfast:

and a beautiful sunrise ( i like sunrises. and sundowners. and sun.):

then it was all about meetings (O mettings, private meetings, meeting friends), making my way through the city (self-test: no taxis, only subway. it kind of worked) riding the bus to the MEXICAN SUMMER Label Night. saw Ariel Pink, Tamaryn (!), The Fresh&Onlys and others there. oh, and Michelle Williams. wohoo.
the next day was China National Day. since i was staying in Chinatown, it was quite exciting, although i am not Chinese and i am not very excited about Austrian National Day either.
i also had a quite spontaneous photoshoot with Tina Schula.
then i walked the (high) line for the first time. pretty neat. and crowded (it was sunday. and sunny). then it was about time to go home because: i missed my family. this is how it works when you have kids or at least one kid: you miss them pretty quickly. and this is what happened to me, too. so i couldn't wait to go home. insane. but: sweet sweet sweet hellO at the airport. so: i'm back. and quite settled for what's about to come.

sincerestly and honestly yours. T.

ps: hello hello friends # 500,501,502,503,504, and 505!!! let's add O!

Oct 9, 2013


i owe you pictures and want to share this awesome night at stadtsaal with you. as soon as there is time i will i will i will i want i do.
and i do love this.


Sep 24, 2013


sO, i thought that i want to give you something so you can have/carry/wear/like Os even more (often). sO my brain and i are wOrking on something nice and something i myself would want to have. always the best thing about gifts. more to come soon!
also: rehersal season started already. this time it's for the STADTSAAL, i hope you know that you all have to come.
also we are just about moving into the new studio- thing ting ting. this is GREAT..!!!
and: there are ups and downs and ups and downs (who shared this universal wisdom with us- was it the venga boys??) and UPS. so we are finalizing everything in preparation for the one and only final studio session coming up.

last but not least: the promo-pic from our stadtsaal gig. sweet!

Collage (c)

Sep 15, 2013

sO- this is what happened

i was on holiday. this why it was so quiet on here. but now school has started again. serious life as well. and this is how we do it. i am moving into a new studio situation very soon and am quite and very excited about this. oh yes. then we have two weeks in the studio coming up pretty soon, oh well oh well oh well. i can't wai. i really can't wait. there are a couple of concerts coming up, in of them at the STADTSAAL here in VIENNA: 7/10/2013. i am quite excited to play there, also because the wonderful and amazing and lovely Dorit Chrysler will be playing there too. so you better come. also i might have to go to new york for a couple of days pretty soon. this is also nice, since i will be spending quite a lot of time there pretty soon. but that's another story. so fr now: sO sOrry i was sO quiet on here for sO lOng. i promise i'll try to not do this again. yes.
and: happy fall. somehow i like this new weather.

and: check this out: me talking about flowers, a vase, roses and stuff.

sincerely yours. ME

Aug 7, 2013

mOre of this!

well, hello..!

I'm quite enjoying this hot hot hot summer, drinking spritzer, try to still enjoy the alte donau (i only use the dusche), and also try to (mentally) work on the last concerts to prepare for the next ones. yep, that's what i do. well well.
i wonder why i'm embarrassed when people applaude and also i am quite often reminded that i can be a quite and very shy person sometimes. but that's alright.
we will be playing at the Stadtsaal in Wien in October (07/10/13) with the wonderful and beautiful Dorit Chrysler. you might not want to miss that, i guess!!!
also: thank you for so many many many new facebook friends. i still didn't figure out how this machine works, but 10 days ago there were far less then now. so hello, all you new friends. i'm glad you made it, and yet: can't wait for those who still are about to come!


Jul 31, 2013

brOthers and sisters. O!

well, hOly mOly.
it was hot as hell, there were loads of sweat, heavy heartbeats and E_U_P_H_O_R_I_A. we survived POPFEST 2013. we played in the most incredible Karlskirche. how sweet is that?!
yes. i was really nervous. yes, i didn't know what to expect.yes, i could have done some things better. and yes, a couple of days ago i hoped that enough people would show up- and then this! - so many of you waited to get tickets, so many of you were there. thank you thank you thank you. thank you tonverwandtschaften, thank you gerald votava, thank you florian klinger.  what a night.
and: i'm back from the hole i stumbled into after sunday. hellO!

so, to share this special night with you again: here are some backstage pictures.


Jul 26, 2013


darlings, for those of you who don't know what to expect or for those of you who can't wait. or if you're just interested: this is Our live-teaser. check this out!

Jul 23, 2013


it's me. again!
well, we have been preparing for our concert at the POPFEST. and preparing. and rehearsing. there will be a choir. glockenspiel. pauke. slide-guitar. and the rest of the gang. we were at the karlskirche today to do a Begehung and boy i tell you: this is HOT! i just hope everything turns out ok and i won't forget anything really important since my head is spinning.
will you come? will you?
can't wait.
also we will be playing at the beautiful Stadtsaal in Vienna with the even more beautiful Dorit Chrysler. But that's another story. more to come soon. see you on SUNDAY!

Jun 30, 2013

O what a blast!


we really had a great time at the Radiokulturhaus, thanks MAUSE for having us. what a great location this is, if you have the chance to visit a concert there (and didn't see us!!) go there. check check check it out, it's really worth it!

also: our gig at the POPFEST is confirmed as you can see here:
and read about here:
quite and so exciting, also since we are planning something very special for this again very awesome location. the KARLSKIRCHE!

so, if you have time, come. come! COME!

here is a picture my friend CLAUDIA W. (you know who you are!) took at the RKH.

this is O!

also: preparing some stuff for our concerts in fall.
and: i might move into a new studio soon. whoop! whoop!

sincerely yours, my dears.

Jun 20, 2013


we had such a blast yesterday. thanks to everybody. and also to Os! video and pictures hopefully to come soon, another concert is in preparation. summer is in the city. i am excited, again. life is good.

Jun 6, 2013

sluts´n´strings & 909

another night without mini me. this time we went to graz to see sluts´n´strings & 909 live at the spring festival. oh what a night. what a great concert.
and: we already startetd to prepare for our set at the RADIOKULTURHAUS on 6/19. get your tickets nOW!
and: we will be playing at pOp pOp pOpfest! more to come soon!

in the meanwhile: sluts`n´strings live with number 1 fan Wolfram in the first row wearing a hat and taking pictures. yepp!

May 25, 2013


hello you. i saw a couple of concerts recently. donaufestival with the bastards of fate, buke and gaze and BEAK. oh my oh my. if you don't know BEAK yet check them out. please. it's geoff barrow from portishead. it's soo good. it's here:

also there is tashaki miyaki:, maybe it's girls-music. although: why bother. i also quite like their videos.

and:  i saw wolfgang ambros live at the orpheum in vienna. this tought me: you can be drunk on stage. but not too drunk.

also: i might go and see another concert tonight: iwolf and UMA at the WUK here in vienna. and: next week Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan will be having their comeback - Show with Sluts&Strings&909 at the spring festival in graz. it's gonna be a blast!

and: don't forget our concert at the Radiokulturhaus in vienna, together with the Mause. yepp.
19.6.2013. 20h. come come come!

so, it's cold outside, why not listen to good music. that's my post for the day, i'll be back soon i promise.

bye bye bye!

i almost forgot to show you our Band-Pictures! so here you go.
photos by Patrick Pulsinger, edited by Christoph Pirnbacher. Thank you. Good bye!

May 7, 2013

O! it's me! again.

so my dearestes- for those of you who didn't make it in front of the TV (why not? i can't imagine why. why?) well, anyways: for those of you who couldn't make it. or even better: for those of you who want to see it again: here is the link to the ORF III Künstlergespräch i did.

thanks for having me!



May 5, 2013

oh my. oh my.

well, there is quite a lot to do around here. really. band-photos are being edited, the live video is done but will be edited again. we can't make up our minds on the first video. but i might have an idea. we'll see. also we're about to start the preparations for our upcoming live-shows. well and hell yeah! one of these will be

O LIVE@RKH as guests of the incredible MAUSE.
thank's for inviting us!


tickets are on sale already. come come come and bring your friends.

also like i've told you before: there will be another me on the telly as part of the ORF III Künstlergespräche- to be aired on tuesday, may 7th, 19:45. ORF III.

see you soon! lOve

Apr 22, 2013

O! TV! again!

so, i thought i might as well share some sneak-band-pictures-preview- pics on here. voila! scroll down. also be prepared for another me in the telly. i did a Kulturgespräch with ORF III to be aired pretty soon. i'll kepp you updated. also there is a date to save for all of you living in vienna. or those who always wanted to see Os live. or for those who always wanted to visit vienna and see a band. just a little more to wait. i like that!

Apr 9, 2013

O_my. PARIS!

so i was in Paris over the weekend. mainly to get away from vienna. also to celebrate my birthday (i'm quite old now. but that's alright.). to buy shoes. to go out. to spend a weekend without mini me. quite hard in the beginning, nice in the end and sweet sweet when coming home. highly recommended. we were at a secret hidden bar. i mainly ate croque madame or croque monsieur. we saw picassos studio. and met a priest on the way home. this week we'll do our first bandpictures with the infamous Patrick Pulsinger behind the camera. can't wait. also: the live-video from salzburg should be done. right, B.? there will be a concert in vienna in june. did i say that before? can't wait, pretty exciting. i think i've said that before. somehow it sounds familiar. well. hello Vienna. hello spring. i missed you.

Apr 1, 2013


i shouldn't do that- don't write on here for so long. i have a schlechtes gewissen for days and days until i manage to get over it and write. so: hellO. i'm back. i enjoyed winter again, went skiing, snowboarding and stuff like that (yes, i grew up in the mountains). so now i'm back in the cold and grey city, trying to get an at least faintly structured view on stuff coming up and how to work through it. and how to make the right decisions at the right time. and random stuff like that. so to make a beginning we decided on our first SINGLE. yes. that's relieving and exciting. so we finally can make serious plans on our first music video. also very exciting. also the live-footage of our concert in salzburg is being edited right now. already listened to the audio-file and i am quite and really proud. yes.yes. we will be playing a very special concert in vienna in june. more to come soon. excited and exciting. so as you can tell from this post- i am a quite excited person. i hope to excite you with that. or at least you are not bored. bye. lOve.

Mar 14, 2013

ARGE Nonntal 8.3.2013

LIENBACHER - all we need is photography" - //

Mar 12, 2013


well. oh well. IT WORKED! heavy rehearsing, sleepless nights, doubts if it all made and makes sense- and it completely does! wohoo. i was scared of making mistakes- forgetting lyrics, not being able to work the music-program i just started to use 2 weeks ago, and many more. but it worked. and we had fun. and the music works on stage. also something i was scared of. background singers did a wonderful job singing and doing their stripped down percussions. martin is amazing. everybody is highly motivated- me included. hope i have some visual souvenirs from salzburg soon so i can share them with you. also a feeling that's quite new to me but yes- i want to share stuff on the internet! and we all can't wait to play our next concert. soon!!! i'll keep you updated.
also: 29 soon. time to get serious. O! yes!

Mar 4, 2013

O winter!

so, although winter is almost over (clap your hands everybody!) i had an extremely positive winter-experience this last weekend. it involved mountains, snow, a lot of sun, a new sled for my son which was highly appreciated. excellent food. hot water springs. so i'm full of energy for this last week of heavy heavy rehearsing, since friday is the day- we'll be playing our first concert with the new live setup and i am, oh well, let's say: excited. quite heavily. also involving some cold sweat and sleeplessness. but that's how it goes. so. so. so. if you are in salzburg or always wanted to go there or if you are such a heavy fan of Os already: come come come. i'll give you a hug and you can applaud.

Feb 19, 2013

anOther one

here's another old picture i found- maybe im getting a little melancholic after a long and grey (as i've said before) winter. i think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of my mom- somehow so 1970ies although you can only see her face..

Feb 15, 2013

beards and flutes

when i was little i played the flute for Mr. Nikolaus, while my boyfriend picked his nose. Oh!

Feb 13, 2013

O! gschnasing

it's not an easy life, sometimes. i was gschnasing yesterday. nur echt mit dem schminkzwerg. see below. and regret it if you weren't there! FUN!