Aug 7, 2013

mOre of this!

well, hello..!

I'm quite enjoying this hot hot hot summer, drinking spritzer, try to still enjoy the alte donau (i only use the dusche), and also try to (mentally) work on the last concerts to prepare for the next ones. yep, that's what i do. well well.
i wonder why i'm embarrassed when people applaude and also i am quite often reminded that i can be a quite and very shy person sometimes. but that's alright.
we will be playing at the Stadtsaal in Wien in October (07/10/13) with the wonderful and beautiful Dorit Chrysler. you might not want to miss that, i guess!!!
also: thank you for so many many many new facebook friends. i still didn't figure out how this machine works, but 10 days ago there were far less then now. so hello, all you new friends. i'm glad you made it, and yet: can't wait for those who still are about to come!