Mar 12, 2013


well. oh well. IT WORKED! heavy rehearsing, sleepless nights, doubts if it all made and makes sense- and it completely does! wohoo. i was scared of making mistakes- forgetting lyrics, not being able to work the music-program i just started to use 2 weeks ago, and many more. but it worked. and we had fun. and the music works on stage. also something i was scared of. background singers did a wonderful job singing and doing their stripped down percussions. martin is amazing. everybody is highly motivated- me included. hope i have some visual souvenirs from salzburg soon so i can share them with you. also a feeling that's quite new to me but yes- i want to share stuff on the internet! and we all can't wait to play our next concert. soon!!! i'll keep you updated.
also: 29 soon. time to get serious. O! yes!