Apr 1, 2013


i shouldn't do that- don't write on here for so long. i have a schlechtes gewissen for days and days until i manage to get over it and write. so: hellO. i'm back. i enjoyed winter again, went skiing, snowboarding and stuff like that (yes, i grew up in the mountains). so now i'm back in the cold and grey city, trying to get an at least faintly structured view on stuff coming up and how to work through it. and how to make the right decisions at the right time. and random stuff like that. so to make a beginning we decided on our first SINGLE. yes. that's relieving and exciting. so we finally can make serious plans on our first music video. also very exciting. also the live-footage of our concert in salzburg is being edited right now. already listened to the audio-file and i am quite and really proud. yes.yes. we will be playing a very special concert in vienna in june. more to come soon. excited and exciting. so as you can tell from this post- i am a quite excited person. i hope to excite you with that. or at least you are not bored. bye. lOve.