May 25, 2013


hello you. i saw a couple of concerts recently. donaufestival with the bastards of fate, buke and gaze and BEAK. oh my oh my. if you don't know BEAK yet check them out. please. it's geoff barrow from portishead. it's soo good. it's here:

also there is tashaki miyaki:, maybe it's girls-music. although: why bother. i also quite like their videos.

and:  i saw wolfgang ambros live at the orpheum in vienna. this tought me: you can be drunk on stage. but not too drunk.

also: i might go and see another concert tonight: iwolf and UMA at the WUK here in vienna. and: next week Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan will be having their comeback - Show with Sluts&Strings&909 at the spring festival in graz. it's gonna be a blast!

and: don't forget our concert at the Radiokulturhaus in vienna, together with the Mause. yepp.
19.6.2013. 20h. come come come!

so, it's cold outside, why not listen to good music. that's my post for the day, i'll be back soon i promise.

bye bye bye!

i almost forgot to show you our Band-Pictures! so here you go.
photos by Patrick Pulsinger, edited by Christoph Pirnbacher. Thank you. Good bye!