Jun 30, 2013

O what a blast!


we really had a great time at the Radiokulturhaus, thanks MAUSE for having us. what a great location this is, if you have the chance to visit a concert there (and didn't see us!!) go there. check check check it out, it's really worth it!

also: our gig at the POPFEST is confirmed as you can see here:
and read about here:
quite and so exciting, also since we are planning something very special for this again very awesome location. the KARLSKIRCHE!

so, if you have time, come. come! COME!

here is a picture my friend CLAUDIA W. (you know who you are!) took at the RKH.

this is O!

also: preparing some stuff for our concerts in fall.
and: i might move into a new studio soon. whoop! whoop!

sincerely yours, my dears.