Sep 24, 2013


sO, i thought that i want to give you something so you can have/carry/wear/like Os even more (often). sO my brain and i are wOrking on something nice and something i myself would want to have. always the best thing about gifts. more to come soon!
also: rehersal season started already. this time it's for the STADTSAAL, i hope you know that you all have to come.
also we are just about moving into the new studio- thing ting ting. this is GREAT..!!!
and: there are ups and downs and ups and downs (who shared this universal wisdom with us- was it the venga boys??) and UPS. so we are finalizing everything in preparation for the one and only final studio session coming up.

last but not least: the promo-pic from our stadtsaal gig. sweet!

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