Nov 19, 2013

sIck! sucks!

sO! what is this? i have been sick for the last two weeks, feeling better inbetween, playing concerts, feeling much better, getting sicker. i don't like that at all. i also tried alcohol as mothers little helper- usually works. didn't do it for me this time. so i guess i'll just have to stay in bed. which i can't since the opening of the exhibition from my husband to be at the Secession is on friday. and i really don't want to miss that. really.
what else? we played a really nice Zimmerkonzert in linz. took place in a private appartment, so we could say hello to every guest, take special encore wishes (we still don't have any new songs. so we play something out of the set twice. it wOrks!). here is a picture my mom took (yes, she's quite a fan- but not a good photographer, also a backstage picture of me showing my strategy to get rid of the cold: tea and wine (and aspirin) felt great that night. and not that great at all the next day:

then, this is upcoming and exciting: everybody:COME!

also i did this: looks simple. was a lot of work. (well at least quite). also since i am not really a pro.

and then: everybody around me is pregnant. makes me kind of jealous since i LOOOOVE being pregnant (at least i loved being pregnant with mini me. really really did). but in a way i am pregnant, too. and the baby is called- if i don't change my mind- messiah. yepp, that sounds funny to me too. but it's the truth. so finally and very soon we will go to the studio and give birth. it's the ALBUM the ALBUM! My ALBUM! Our ALBUM! i'm excited and nervous and so eager to finally finish it and can't wait to see and hear how it all will turn out. this will also be a lot of work. but: i looOOve tO wOrk. and it doesn't feel like work in a bad way. really does NOT.

and: yes. we are moving to new yOrk pretty sOON!

that's it for now.
sincerely yours, from the bed.