Apr 29, 2014

On: what to make Of stuff

I think I've mentioned before that I really like New York- for various reasons:
the energy, Central Park, the feeling that there is always something new to explore, the architecture,the boat rides, the sea and now I found something new that I love: the people here!
I have to admit that I never really paid too much attention to the people that surrounded me on my various previous visits to the city. Maybe because I was too distracted by everything else that I just paid attention not to bump into anybody then to look in their face. Maybe because it's just different when you are here for longer and (slowly) have the feeling that you live here. With a kid.
BUT: I really like the people here! They are friendly, they pay attention to each other, they help each other. They look funny, sometimes weird. And they don't care. Also: they are very open and just talk to you if they feel like. Just to let you go when you've finished your conversation about..anything.
Ok. And they compliment you on things they like. Your coat. Your shoes. Your son (of course: my son. yepp!). Your pants. Your shirt. Your hair.  And: your eyebrows!
True story.  The other day a young dude walk past me, and said "I like your eyebrows". I still can't believe it. Really can't.
O, and you know that I have this little thing going on about eyebrows (just look left. or right). Still.."I like your eyebrows"?
Made me laugh.

Well yes.
sincereliest yours,
as always!

ps: trying to think of a final Tracklist for the Album. Sooo hard! thaught this would be easy. it's not it's not it's not!!!