May 13, 2014

dear yOu

yOu dear,

i know I got a little lazy these last days. posting mainly photos on here. not telling you much more about everything else. sO i thought i might do this soon. like tomorrow. or ..sOOn. but today: Sigmar Polke at MOMA. if you are in new york please go there. or come here to go there. it's worth it. then: Balthazar for Oysters and Champagne. (well, no Oysters for me, I don't want to recite the last time i had Oysters at grill royale in Berlin. it involved Sven Regener, Rammstein, Oysters, Taxis, throwing up. O! and me.). then: pick up Mini Me, trying to hide the champagne-mOOd. thIs is hOw we dO it.
sO: i'll be better. sOON!