May 18, 2014

I knOw!

I made a promise. this was: to post on here every day. from then on (like what? 2 weeks ago?) Ok. But: in my mind, when I wrote that promise, I also wrote "for the next month" or maybe even "for the next week". Alright. It didn't show up in the pOst. and that means: I made a promise to write On here (in here, out of here) every single day for the next decade (or longer). BUT: yesterday I forgot. and I am really and terribly sOrry for that. but I have a great excuse. I guess.
So: I might forget again. I hope not. I am sorry. I am not a promisebreakeress.

And: thank you for writing me sweet messages, and coming here, and checking out my stuff and wanting to hear more. I'm SO wOrking On it. I guess "stay tuned" is the thing tO say right nOw. and be prepared!

thank you thank you.

gOOD night