Jun 9, 2014

Does it..

..make me to an internet-granny that I only heard of vine yesterday? and this was also only because I got the Rolling Stone Magazine because it has an article on Jack White in it. so Vine. the new shit. I'm happy that I can (almost) handle this stuff here. no need for making 6sec videos. right now. I guess.

anyways. riding my bike through New York is still my favourite way of getting around. subways in the summer freeze everybody into a popsickel seconds after you get in. don't forget to bring a coat a Stirnband and heavy boots if you want to ride it anyways.
and: going over the bridges is the best part about it (riding a bike).
went to Pioneer Works Open Studios. and to our friends house. and back. and forth.
then: I had a couple of down days. wondering what makes sense and what not. forgetting about good stuff and focusing on not so good. stop it! so: better days now.
just: sometimes it feels a little much to handle. all of the things I'm doing and trying to do and trying to find time for doing. and then I feel lonely. although I'm not. this is just something I carry around with me.

so. so. sO.
gOOd night. you dears.