Oct 29, 2012

Oct 22, 2012

o! Legends!

I met my producer Patrick Pulsinger for lunch today: He just came from the Studio where he was working on Elton Johns new album, so he figured he'd bring him along.

Oct 21, 2012

O-In need of a Friend!

I'm a professional. That's why I do this (have a Blog). But that's not enough. I have a webmaster now. I even tried to do Facebook - and failed. So I have a Facebook-Master, who will be doing Facebook for me. So professional! So there will be my own little Facebook page to keep you updated on things that are happening, upcoming concerts, studio chatter and random stuff that I think could be interesting. To make it even more exciting I will - for the first time- share two songs with you as soon as the page is- how do you say- working? So until then I'll have sleepless nights. And maybe you can become my friend.

Oct 12, 2012

O! Ladies!

Check this out. and don't read the postings. just don't.

Oct 11, 2012

my name!

What's my name? That's my name. i got a wisdom tooth extracted today and feel like i had a stroke. yay.

Oct 9, 2012


this is an old yamaha little thing from the 1970s. It's part of my Orchestra. I also just got sweets from Dr. Böhmat- costumized by my friend Bernhard Rappolt. He added an extra Bass-Button for a deeper bass-sound. Wohoo!
Also: got the Dates for the Viennale Premiere: Nov. 3rd at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna. COme!