Dec 24, 2012

Dec 14, 2012

always on my mind

hello. hello. like i wrote a few posts before, i am currently working quite a lot on tracks, on lyrics and in the studio in general. this feels really great. and is really satisfying and making me happy and all that stuff. i also can't sleep. it's always on my mind. it's paradise! well, just wanted to keep you updated. 10 days to go for christmas. ha!

Dec 11, 2012


when it's cold outside i wear a turban and pretend i'm in the desert.

Dec 4, 2012


i've been working a lot on the studio lately, listening to stuff that's there, editing, singing, deleting and thinking. i really don't know how this all will turn out, but that's quite exciting, i guess. but also pretty scary. oh yes.
i pass by these pictures everyday in the morning when i bring my boy to the kindergarten. mOdels!