Jan 18, 2013

hey jAw


Jan 13, 2013

grey gardens

there's one thing i have to say: it's pretty grey, man! winters in vienna are not really charming. it's grey. really grey. most of the time. so - eat some cake, drink alcohol in a decent manner (sometimes not) and eat cake. work. listen to good music. and dream about summer. at least that's what i do.
and also i'm preparing for the first live-shows: rehearsing, recording stuff, deciding on wind-sections or not.sounds great? it is great!

Jan 7, 2013


O! we are looking for background singers. 2. male. should be able to sing and hit the keys. if you can handle logic and/or percussion instruments- great! contact us, gents, contact us, boys! and don't be shy. o@thisiso.net. tell your friends! thank you.

Jan 2, 2013

i was gOne

and now i'm back! christmas is over. i like that. it's getting serious in the studio and in quite a lot of other places as well. video. press-stuff. live-setup. etc. etc. but i guess that's what this year will be all about. hooray!
happy happy 13 to all of you and us and everybody else. gratefullest yours-O.

Dec 24, 2012

Dec 14, 2012

always on my mind

hello. hello. like i wrote a few posts before, i am currently working quite a lot on tracks, on lyrics and in the studio in general. this feels really great. and is really satisfying and making me happy and all that stuff. i also can't sleep. it's always on my mind. it's paradise! well, just wanted to keep you updated. 10 days to go for christmas. ha!