Apr 28, 2014

Mini O Me..

..explained to us yesterday that he likes it a lot in New York, and that he actually never wants to leave. Just all of his friends and family should move here, too. 

and: Got my shoes dirty in mud. Met a horse called Marshmallow.

Apr 27, 2014

o. well.

you know what?
I miss my friends.
I miss my family.
I miss my Band.

Sometimes. a lot.
today is one of these days. and i don't feel inspired at all to write a very witty, and very funny blog post (like all my others are. i guess that was funny now. excues me, please)

and then, out of nothing, this comes up:

i guess that's what you call a room with a view.

and you know what: i love being here.

day number one: check.

Apr 25, 2014

Challenge. O!

Dearest Darlings!
I LOVE CHALLENGEs! Well, not always and not concerning every part of life. I have to admit.
But generally: I'm mostly up for challenges that come across
(Sometimes it takes a while to identify "problems" as "challenges", but that's ok. I guess that's a challenge, too.) Yes, OK.
I'm challenging myself. From this day on I promise I will post on here every day. Yep! Every day.
Why I do this? TO SHARE STUF WITH YOU!!! YAY!!!
Be prepared while I prepare myself. And take lots of pictures. And remember everything. most of all: remember to write on here.

Exciting! Again!
And: I saw the first preview of our VIDEO! LOVE IT! And: I still owe you the story (and maybe some non-spoiling preview pictures) of my Album-Cover-Shoot with Elfie!

And: went for birthday dinner. to set the stage for what's about to come we went here:

Sincerely yours, as always.


Apr 1, 2014


sO. the dearest friend Bernhard Rappold (www.bernhardrappold.at) came up with this Idea for a Video. 2 days before we left for NYC. BUT: WHY NOT? so we took a camera, some wine, a hat and a bunch of tulips and shot Our first VIDEO! want to see what it lOOKs like? you'll have to wait a little more for that BUT: here are some stills I can show you already. SOOOO EXCITED! hurra.
also: hellO from finally sunny New York. Winter is over. PLEASE!

Mar 30, 2014