May 4, 2014


to tell you a secret:
I got complimented in my nailbeds the other day (these things that hold the nail on your fingers and surround them, in case you never thaught about nailbeds before).
it went like this: "your nailbeds are so beautiful. I wish my nailbeds would look like this"

I was quite embarressed. Don't know why.

May 2, 2014

hOw tO..behave

sO. again.
Yesterday we were invited by our friend Clarine (Merci, Clarine!) to an Intimate Dinner. Sure, I thought, I love intimate dinners! So we went to Park Avenue, took the elevator to the Penthouse and ended the Appartment of the Swiss Consul General and his lovely friend Michel. I brought flowers because I am polite, handed them over to the maid (because maids are what you have when you live on Park Avenue..!). and off we went into the kitche. learn how to cook lebanese. and: we did!!! Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Taboule. It was soo good!
Oh, and Mini Me was there, too. He arrived late, had no gift for the hosts, wanted to have dessert first and didn't feel like sitting at the table. Instead he watched cartoons in the kitchen with the charming chef and two maids who took care of him and fell in love with him. He ate everything they offerd him, even eggplant wich I know he doesn't like at all. So in his way he was very polite, too.
And after he had a lot (a lot!) of ice-cream, blew out all the candels, jumped on the sofa and knocked over a chandlier we thought it was time so say good bye.

Oh, and don't worry. This is not going to be a "my family and me" blog from now on. Just every once in a while. 

May 1, 2014


how to cook lebanese. at the swiss embassy. yep. i'll tell you about it tomorrow.

and: 7 degrees and rain all day. hey spring!

Apr 30, 2014

what I did today?

not much really. just hung out with James Murphy at the West 4th Street Subway station. yOu?