Mar 11, 2014

O! just A!

..quick update! hellO! you dears! time is so rare at the mOment that I just had nO TIME to write on here and to talk to you!!! Oh nO! Oh nO! Oh NOO!

but: I'm alive! so, Schnelldurchlauf: we recorded for one month. we mixed for another month (and a half). finally finished Messiah, had a quick Vodka Shot on an early friday afternoon. felt weird. really really did.

packed our stuff (for 3 hours). got on the plane (for 9 hours). got out of the plane, got a ride to our new appartment. hOme! and this is it. we finally arrived. hellO!
it's exciting and exciting and lovely and huge and inspiring. and weird to be here. hello you lovely city!!! (although i don't really know if lovely doesn't rather apply for, let's see, maybe Florence, or Nice.., but i can't think of a better word right now and: it is lovely!!).
we tried to figure out the simplest stuff (i.e. where to buy food) and a little more complicated stuff (how do you explain to a 2 year old that it just will take some time to understand these people talking so strangely..?).
we went to Central Park Zoo (twice), to the Children's mUseum of Art (more than that), to Kindergarten, we walked through Central Park from North to South and East to West.
Mini Me figured out that waving back to people is nice so he does it all the time, tries new words like "ewuaibadi" (everybody..not so easy!!) and likes french fries.

and: I worked on the ALBUM-COVER  last night, and I'm thinking of doing it myself. did I ever tell you the story of taking the cover-pictures with the incredible Elfie Semotan? 9 months pregnant? naked? this will be a post of its own. has to be!!!

OH! and we started shooting Our first video just a few days before I took off. sO excited about it!!!
hOpe that I will have more time for all this stuff soon. sO SOOOON! but i'm O-ptimisitc about that ;-)

sO. it's spring! and live is GOOD!

and: my dad is now major of the little village he lives in. COngrats, pop! ;-)

sincereliest yours, as always:

ME (out of mine me's perspective)