May 24, 2016


dear youth,

finally, and very finally I am ready to release my Album. It's taken a while, but like I said before- it's like giving birth. Or at least almost, I guess.

However, we're looking for someone awesome to take over Management and/or Booking responsibilities.

If you're interested read this:

I am currently preparing the Release of my solo Debut "Messiah" and therefore looking for someone taking over Management and/or Booking responsibilities. You don't have to necessarily have extensive experience in MGMT, I am happy to work with lateral entrants and of course someone who also represents other artists as well.
What you will definitely need though is some kind of experience in the Music Industry and an extensive Network.
I am currently based in Vienna but traveling a lot, so I think it would also work out with someone not based in Austria.

If you're interested or know someone who might be, please get in touch and I will send you more information:


a lot of travelling is comin up- and one stop will be berlin to join the opening of my man's exhibition at capitain/petzel. if you happen to be in the city, stop by and have a drink with me!