Oct 16, 2016


o. it's been  a while. as usual- not saying I am not thinking about posting, just saying that I am not making the time. for several reasons, mostly because I don't have any. which is great, I guess!
sO, this is what happened:
Berlin, exhibition opening of my very talented husband to be. very exciting and exciting and great. show.
then Zürich and Basel, some more art and excitement and interesting projects and people. bad weather, but that's ok. overwhelmed by the swiss corectness. I am too whatever for that. Sometimes I just feel crazy enough not to cross the street on a crosswalk. Yep!
O. And then Greece. Met interesting people and great new friends.

Then a little Vienna, a little Bauernhof with friends and chicken. A 5th birthday. Köln for a beautiful exhibition by Elfie Semotan.

And for the last 3 weeks we've been traveling through Texas. YeP. Texas. and you know what? It's really beautiful. And I didn't meet many people wearing a NRA baseball-cap (although I have to admit: I saw some).  Dallas, Bandera (the Cowboy Capital of Texas- Mini Me really wanted to go there. REALLY. wanted. to.). And then Marfa, where we stayed at the Chinati foundation and Tobias is still there. For the next 6 weeks. Missing and working.
Were lucky enough to be at the 3oth anniversary weekend of the Chinati Foundation, had great conversations, ate delicious Tacos and even saw a show by Arto Lindsay. Can't complain!

Ok, and nOw: watching about 100 Movies for my honourable Jury Membership at the Viennale. And: very excited to go BACK TO THE STUDIO to record some new material. very excited for that.
Attend weddings (so exciting, too!!!). And for right now: take care of sick Mini Me.
That's it for now.

fAll is here. wInter will cOme.
take care for nOw.