Mar 14, 2013

ARGE Nonntal 8.3.2013

LIENBACHER - all we need is photography" - //

Mar 12, 2013


well. oh well. IT WORKED! heavy rehearsing, sleepless nights, doubts if it all made and makes sense- and it completely does! wohoo. i was scared of making mistakes- forgetting lyrics, not being able to work the music-program i just started to use 2 weeks ago, and many more. but it worked. and we had fun. and the music works on stage. also something i was scared of. background singers did a wonderful job singing and doing their stripped down percussions. martin is amazing. everybody is highly motivated- me included. hope i have some visual souvenirs from salzburg soon so i can share them with you. also a feeling that's quite new to me but yes- i want to share stuff on the internet! and we all can't wait to play our next concert. soon!!! i'll keep you updated.
also: 29 soon. time to get serious. O! yes!

Mar 4, 2013

O winter!

so, although winter is almost over (clap your hands everybody!) i had an extremely positive winter-experience this last weekend. it involved mountains, snow, a lot of sun, a new sled for my son which was highly appreciated. excellent food. hot water springs. so i'm full of energy for this last week of heavy heavy rehearsing, since friday is the day- we'll be playing our first concert with the new live setup and i am, oh well, let's say: excited. quite heavily. also involving some cold sweat and sleeplessness. but that's how it goes. so. so. so. if you are in salzburg or always wanted to go there or if you are such a heavy fan of Os already: come come come. i'll give you a hug and you can applaud.

Feb 19, 2013

anOther one

here's another old picture i found- maybe im getting a little melancholic after a long and grey (as i've said before) winter. i think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of my mom- somehow so 1970ies although you can only see her face..

Feb 15, 2013

beards and flutes

when i was little i played the flute for Mr. Nikolaus, while my boyfriend picked his nose. Oh!

Feb 13, 2013

O! gschnasing

it's not an easy life, sometimes. i was gschnasing yesterday. nur echt mit dem schminkzwerg. see below. and regret it if you weren't there! FUN!