Mar 15, 2016



I'm back. And alive. And why not use this as an opportunity to write again. And tell you how I've been and what I am up to. If you'd like to know.
sO. currently I'm preparing a concert in New York. back and again. back and again. and very exciting. if I can, and decide not to pause on this thing here for another year, I will tell you more about it very soon.
also for the last 5 years I've been thinking about installing an Instagram account. Internet granny that I am. still undecided.
oh, but still: because everybody is only looking at pictures nowadays and not reading that much anymore (or are you?):
pictures to come. soon.

the rest will follow.
ha. I did write again.
lots of LV

Jul 26, 2014

oh no. oh yes. and ?

getting ready for a summer, fall and winter in Vienna. happy and sad. a little heavy hearted.
already getting ready for coming back in spring.
so: Vienna! how are you?


Jun 26, 2014

The thing is:

..summer is here. finally. welcOme my dear Old friend. welcOME!

and the thing about summer is: you're Outside. a lot. you don't feel to be inside. at least I don't. i don't feel like spending time in front of the cOmputer (although I still have tO)
here is what I do instead: gO Out (a lot). see concerts (a lot). drink (mOderate). rIde my bike (a lOt). drive arOund in cars (sometimes). gO to the beach (sOmetimes).
sO. OK.

here is what happened:
I went to see a couple of cOncerts. there was Pharmakon (she will be Opening fOr Swans at the Arena in Wien. go!). and Marissa Nadler (touring Europe tis sOmmer). at my new favourite Venue: Saint Vitus in Greenpoint.

then I was invited to see Zoe Kravitz and her Band Lolawolf opening for Polica at the BOwery BallrOOm. pretty neat! and also a great lOcation.
sOme lady spilled a drink on me because Lenny Kravitz walked by and she almost fainted. Kevin- Allein zu Haus was also there. but I don't think he remembers. nOpe.

and: WOOds.
and: WOOdstOck.

and: naked people riding their bike through New York.



Jun 13, 2014

lIner nOtes


i've been working on the liner notes for Messiah.
It's 4 pages long already! and I'm not finished. yet!


Jun 9, 2014

Does it..

..make me to an internet-granny that I only heard of vine yesterday? and this was also only because I got the Rolling Stone Magazine because it has an article on Jack White in it. so Vine. the new shit. I'm happy that I can (almost) handle this stuff here. no need for making 6sec videos. right now. I guess.

anyways. riding my bike through New York is still my favourite way of getting around. subways in the summer freeze everybody into a popsickel seconds after you get in. don't forget to bring a coat a Stirnband and heavy boots if you want to ride it anyways.
and: going over the bridges is the best part about it (riding a bike).
went to Pioneer Works Open Studios. and to our friends house. and back. and forth.
then: I had a couple of down days. wondering what makes sense and what not. forgetting about good stuff and focusing on not so good. stop it! so: better days now.
just: sometimes it feels a little much to handle. all of the things I'm doing and trying to do and trying to find time for doing. and then I feel lonely. although I'm not. this is just something I carry around with me.

so. so. sO.
gOOd night. you dears.