Apr 28, 2016

chamber Opera. or sO.

yes indeed.
after playing the smallest set-up we ever did at the Theatercafe (thanks again, Vincent, what a blast!), and also having fun, dancing with very drunk friends and making new plans this is what's coming up:
I've been rehearsing my ass off for my friends' ('s?) Maria Gsättners chamber Opera "windmills". I'll perform it together with Willi Landl, Peter Herbert and others at the mdw tomorrow. See Details here.
Since I can't read music (which makes it just a little bit more difficult. really just a little lot more.) I had to figure out my own way to learn it. And I hope it works. haha.

yes, so if you want to hear it: cOme cOme!


Apr 13, 2016



you know you want it.

we'll be playing a minimal setup live set for our friend vincent bründlmayer. yes, this nice guy making great wines.
15.4.2016, Theatercafé, Wien.

it's just going to be Martin and me. pretty intimate!

can't wiat to see you.
join us!

Mar 15, 2016



I'm back. And alive. And why not use this as an opportunity to write again. And tell you how I've been and what I am up to. If you'd like to know.
sO. currently I'm preparing a concert in New York. back and again. back and again. and very exciting. if I can, and decide not to pause on this thing here for another year, I will tell you more about it very soon.
also for the last 5 years I've been thinking about installing an Instagram account. Internet granny that I am. still undecided.
oh, but still: because everybody is only looking at pictures nowadays and not reading that much anymore (or are you?):
pictures to come. soon.

the rest will follow.
ha. I did write again.
lots of LV

Jul 26, 2014

oh no. oh yes. and ?

getting ready for a summer, fall and winter in Vienna. happy and sad. a little heavy hearted.
already getting ready for coming back in spring.
so: Vienna! how are you?


Jun 26, 2014

The thing is:

..summer is here. finally. welcOme my dear Old friend. welcOME!

and the thing about summer is: you're Outside. a lot. you don't feel to be inside. at least I don't. i don't feel like spending time in front of the cOmputer (although I still have tO)
here is what I do instead: gO Out (a lot). see concerts (a lot). drink (mOderate). rIde my bike (a lOt). drive arOund in cars (sometimes). gO to the beach (sOmetimes).
sO. OK.

here is what happened:
I went to see a couple of cOncerts. there was Pharmakon (she will be Opening fOr Swans at the Arena in Wien. go!). and Marissa Nadler (touring Europe tis sOmmer). at my new favourite Venue: Saint Vitus in Greenpoint.

then I was invited to see Zoe Kravitz and her Band Lolawolf opening for Polica at the BOwery BallrOOm. pretty neat! and also a great lOcation.
sOme lady spilled a drink on me because Lenny Kravitz walked by and she almost fainted. Kevin- Allein zu Haus was also there. but I don't think he remembers. nOpe.

and: WOOds.
and: WOOdstOck.

and: naked people riding their bike through New York.



Jun 13, 2014

lIner nOtes


i've been working on the liner notes for Messiah.
It's 4 pages long already! and I'm not finished. yet!